I have contacted you, but you haven’t replied yet?

If your email did not contain enough information to show that it was a genuine enquiry, then it may go unanswered. Your email may have been to brief, too vague, or written in an impolite tone. If you are serious about spending time with me then I will appreciate you introducting yourself, for example let me know your first name, your age and your occupation. You could also include some possible details or ideas for our date. You’ll find that I will reply at my earliest convenience if your email is polite and contains at least some of this information!

How do I make payment?

I accept payment in cash only. I don’t accept any other currencies I’m afraid. Please place my fee in an unsealed envelope and hand it to me within the first ten minutes of my arrival. Please don’t be offended when I check the amount in your presence, I do this with every client, it does not mean that I don’t trust you! Once the matter of my fee is out of the way, we can relax and really enjoy ourselves.

Are there any “hidden charges” or “extras” of any sort?

I offer a high-class “date” experience rather than a series of services. When we are alone you will find that I am more than happy to indulge in a wide variety of divinely naughty activities. The rate you see is the rate you pay, and that is that.

Why is your face hidden in your photos?

I have a ordinary full and busy life. This is a highly secret side of my life and it is imperative that it remains that way. Fot this reason my face is only seen by my clients, who all appreciate the fact that nobody else will ever know they are out with an escort. Our mutual discretion is assured at all times in this way! By the same token I am unable to email you a picture of my face, so please do not ask. Rest assured that my clients unanimously declare my face to be as lovely as the rest of me! This secrecy also heightens the excitement of our first meeting….! know you’ll be thrilled when we are eventually face-to-face!

Is it really YOU in the photographs?

Ahhh, this old chestnut. Yes, it really is. I don’t how some ladies dare to past fake or old photos on their websites, they must be cringing at the look of disappointment on their clients’faces at each appointment! You will see for yourself that my pictures are real when we meet, not to mention being able to see and explore all the areas of me that are elegantly covered in my photos!

Will you accept a small gift in additional to your fee?

I never expect anything else, the pleasure of your company is enought for me! But if you would like to bring me a gift I will always accept it with gratitude and delight. I adore fine lingerie, especially La Perla and Victoria’s Secret. I also love parfume, beautiful jewellery, fresh flowers, scanted candles… all the typical things that please a lady! Please do not feel obliged to bring me a gift though, it’s just something my clients occasionally like to do, to show their appreciation for the special time we spend together.

I have never been with an escort before…

I have seen several gentlemen for whom it was their very first time, and they were so glad they had chosen me! I have a gift of immediately putting people at ease, there will be no awkwardness at all. I am more than happy to gently take the lead at every step if you wish. I can assure you it will be an experience that you will savour, and a memory you will cherist! But I must warn you – I’m frequently told I’m VERY addictive…

I have anexplicit question about a certain activity I’d like to indulge in whith you…

I am happy to answer enquiries of this nature as I understand the need for you to ensure you’ll be delighted with your experience with me. However, I cannot discuss explicit details by phone, instead please email me and I’ll reply as soon as possible. Please express your question politely but remember you don’t need to feel shy or be reticent, you can speak plainly with me, in a way you may never have felt able to do with wives or girlfriends.

Why is your donation so high??

I prefer quality over quantity encounters. My rates allow me to be selective on the clients I see as the gentlemen that book me. My rates are discernible as I remain in demand… If my rates or your income are an issue you should surely not see me, as the time you spend with me is well worth what I ask. I love what I do and it shows! If you have found that I am not the lady of choice, I wish you well in your search.

What can I expect from our date??

A non-commercial experience! – How we choose to spend our time together is for us to decide. Each meeting is ours to create… I am non-rushed, highly interactive and am a true entertainer. I assure that you will be more than pleased!

What kind of clients do you see/prefer?

I provide companionship to a small select group of upscale gentlemen. You must be respectful, clean and must be at least 25 yo.

Is there anything that could make my time with you more memorable?

Yes! As most ladies, I do have some rules. These rules are designed to make your experience with me as pleasant and as smooth as possible. You should: Be respectful and not talk about sexual activity, doing so could be considered as a solicitation for prostitution which is illegal, this includes your first contact with us via email or phone! I am a professional escort and any fee I mention is for my time and companionship only. Personal hygiene is VERY important to me. Have a shower before our appointment – Clean clothes and fresh breath go a very long way. You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression, so when contacting me keep in mind all forms of communication in person, by email or phone need to be respectful! Also something that should not be overlooked is discretion…You and I both have a life outside of the world of escorting so mutual discretion is required and appreciated.

What qualities do you find desirable in a man?

A gentleman that is generous and knows how to treat a lady.