Journal Entry From Escort Working At Agency

This is a new London escort agency that I began working for. Based off of what other girls tell me, this agency pays the best. Since I have created a reputation for being one of the top London escorts, I am worth getting paid the most for the services I provide.

My first client is an older gentleman.He comes into the room. He says hello to me and hugs me. He is overweight. He is starting to bald. He wears glasses. Every inch of hair on his body is gray. He seems like a nice guy. He undresses rather quickly hinting to how he is ready to get down to business. I undress as well. The sex is average. I can tell he has not had any in awhile. Fifteen minutes later, he is rather tired. His phone rings repeatedly while we are together. Perhaps, it is his wife. He tells me he must hurry. He dresses quickly, pays and rushes off.

Client number two for the day is a younger guy. I’d say he is in his thirties. He seems like a businessman. He is wearing a suit and carries a briefcase. He lays his briefcase to the side. He asks for me to remove his tie. I do so. He always asks to be teased. I do so. We have a bit of foreplay before getting to the main act.

The next client is someone I am familiar with. I tell him, “It has been awhile since I have seen you.” He explains how he has had a lot going on with work. He has returned to me to get his mind off of things at work. He talks about issues going on at home with his family. I inquire about his kids. He tells me they have been doing well. He talks about how they are almost to the teen age. I enjoy this client because of the exclusive conversation we have.

This client loves a busty woman. He delights in my bust for several minutes. He always kisses my neck and holds me dearly. We try a few different positions first. Our sexual encounters can get lengthy. We have grown to enjoy our time together. Sometimes it is hard to end the evening with a client that pleases me with more than just money. He pleases me by treating me so well and thinking highly of me despite my profession.

I ask him for a review. He tells me he will report back to the agency how good my services were for him. He is always pleased with my services and this is why he steadily returns. He leaves a kiss on my lips before he heads out the door.

Now my work day has came to an end. Although my line of work is unique, I am much like most others. I travel home. I shower and put on my comfortable pajamas. I prepare dinner for myself. I enjoy the rest of my evening eating a tasty meal and watching a movie.